UMMOA starts occupying GEO

The nation called the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA®) has actually started a small spot on the continent called Global Earth Oceans (GEO), just a tiny spot.

Yes, in the early millidays (thousandths of a day) of Uranday 3 Archimedes 2015 (3 January 2015), the Governor of the UMMOA started building the first GEO spot for Ummoagians or UMMOA people, but actually any other decent human being, from any micronation or community, can join us as well.

Remember, Global Earth Oceans (GEO) should never be seen as a single nation, state or country, and it is already occupied by at least three micronations, and a quasi-state.

After the pre-alpha stage of development, the Governor of the UMMOA began the alpha stage by contacting his nieces, in order to see whether the first GEO spot design worked properly. Well, after very little hesitation, the Governor's 16-year-old niece was able access the GEO spot with her Google+ account. You can access the GEO spot through your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account, and the Governor has successfully tested with his Facebook account.

Despite the lack of familiarity with the Spot.IM technology, the Governor and his niece were able to chat without any problem, and even do more than just casual chat.

It was also the first time, in a long while, that the Governor and his nieces had moved off the continent of North America. How do we know this is actually the case? Well, the Governor's nieces, like most Americans, chat in sloppy English, yet he managed to teach them a few words and phrases in Italian in an improvised lesson during the alpha testing! — they are not natural linguists. If that isn't evidence the group actually changed continent during the experience, then we don't know what it is!

The superofficial languages of the GEO spot are English and Italian, while French and Portuguese are official. You actually cannot use other languages, or the messages get automatically deleted. This seems to be a Spot.IM technology limitation, but the fact you can still chat in English, and in a maximum of three other languages, is definitely beyond the needs of almost any single micronation or community. Irrespective that fact, the UMMOA may still create other spots for other languages in the future if there is enough demand, so this is not a permanent limitation by any stretch.

The Governor of the UMMOA looks forward to chatting, even working with Ummoagians and other decent folks, and you can access the first GEO spot by remembering three easy words such as GEO, PEople, and SPOT, or by simply remembering the URL below:

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