The continent you can join, support, and help to build

What is the newest candidate continent which actually combines the characteristics of other single, new candidate continents such as the Internet, and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? — these are proposed "8th continent" candidates.

It is the continent which was started by Ummoagians (UMMOA nationals), who started an alternative Internet called the Cesidian Root (CRt), and who even spearheaded the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Treaty (GPGPT) along with other nations!

Which of these three candidates — Internet, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and UMMOA — is actually associated with people(s)?

The Internet and the UMMOA.

Which of these three candidates is actually associated with the multiple nations, states or countries needed to form any real continent?

The Internet and the UMMOA.

Which candidate actually has territory under its feet?

Only the UMMOA®, or United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago.

The majority of Ummoagians inhabit the new Global Earth Oceans or GEO continent, which will soon be registered with Google as a "Government Office"; which now also has its own Google+ and Twitter accounts; and this continent, unlike the other violent, taxing, enslaving, despotic and overrated seven continents, is one even your organisation, nation or family can join!

By the way, this continent also has its own race of people, the Indigo race, which is a particular phenotype, not genotype; its own ideal language, owned by no government, or Interlingua; its own special continental flag, which is not the flag of an IGO, or of any single nation, state or country; and the continent even has a developing town, the Fifth World Community (5WC), already registered with Google as a "City Hall"!

Which candidate appears to be a real new inhabited area, and/or continent, well under development?

You be the judge!

Please note, however, that while Global Earth Oceans (GEO) is a very real developing continent, and we are truly confident that it will eventually be recognised in our lifetimes as an 8th global continent, GEO is not associated with the words "8th continent" in any way, as the other candidate continents, and even super-islands like Madagascar or Greenland. Moreover, GEO is not associated with the words "8th continent", as these words are a registered trademark of the USPTO. GEO will not consciously associate itself with any word or thing already associated with other continents, already associated with this mundane and evil world.

Please also note that while Global Earth Oceans (GEO) is only inhabited by the majority of Ummoagians now, there is a reason why the UMMOA is a self-contained, even trademark-registered nation outside of GEO. Global Earth Oceans (GEO) should never be seen as a single nation, state or country, and it is already occupied by at least three nations, and a quasi-state. This continent is truly our continent, and this continent is truly your continent, and it already speaks and truly honours several languages officially, at least four good religious traditions (Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Cesidian), and we know it will be controlled by several different countries in the future if you join the effort to disassociate yourself from all those other continents, ruled by unremarkable monkeys in three-piece suits, and gun-toting demons.

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GEO Continent

Global Continent

Global Earth Oceans
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
Global Earth Oceans