Revival Village becomes a non-profit organisation

Revival Village NJ non-profit certificate
As many of you know, Fifth World Community (5WC), Global Earth Oceans (GEO) largest city and capital, is registered with Google at its Winnecomaq (Long Island) address as a "City Hall".

Slighty more than half of GEO's Ummoagian population exists within the private properties of three micronations, and this is the Fifth World Community (5WC), the world's first diaxenospitia (a highly scattered municipality). Slightly less than half of the UMMOA's population exists outside of the 5WC. Regardless of residency status, however, all Ummoagians or UMMOA nationals own an equal share of traded stock, which has been nationalised, and worth a current market value of 3,500 USD. So even Geowners who don't actually own a part of the 5WC municipality, a part of GEO, are still owners of shares of stock, people with real rights.

Global Earth Oceans (GEO) is not going to be waiting for men and women of goodwill to add their property to the 5WC municipality. We are going to extend ownership of GEO in new, innovative, economically efficient and sustainable ways.

On 1 April 2015, because of a generous donation of the Guru of GEO, the HMRD Cesidio Tallini, Revival Village was able to become a non-profit organisation!

Revival Village is a three-phase innovative, holistic, economically efficient and sustainable "tiny home" pilot program to assist in alleviating homelessness.

Revival Village's mission and vision is to address the underlying issues that have limited the ability of the homeless to maintain self-sufficiency, and to provide them with an environment that heals, strengthens and empowers. Revival Village also seeks to provide opportunities for developing work and life skills that ultimately lead to employment and home ownership, and to demonstrate a truly affordable, innovative, economically efficient and sustainable housing unit and community can exist.

Now with its newly-minted non-profit status, Sherry Rubel, Executive Director of Revival Village, hopes to quickly raise the funds needed not to purchase, but only to ship from California 14 emergency shelters, which will provide sustainable emergency housing to 14 individuals that will last for over 50 years. GEO is thus not a taxing State, but a growing continent which seeks to empower people, and has already begun to act like a kingmaker and creator of potentates as individuals, families, small groups and communities.

In 1998 The Tallini Family (TTF) non-traditional clan was started, and it has lead to an alternative .ttf top-level domain (TLD) in 2003, and to an alternative Internet in 2005, when the .ttf alternative TLD was "born again" through the Cesidian Root (CRt) alternative nameserver system/Internet. Today TTF is Cutchogue, the City Hall of the Fifth World Community (5WC), the largest city and capital of Global Earth Oceans (GEO), but also the Headquarters of various other corporations.

In 2001 the Cesidian Church (CCh) alternative curia was started, and it has lead to the Cyberterra alternative or titular see, the Cyberterra Meridian and Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) standard, to the Cesidian calendar, and to the Cesidian Church's Judeo-Christian complementary and evolutionary therapeutic-religious faith.

The UMMOA (United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago) started back in 2008 as an alternative national identity, largely on the back of the Cesidian Root Internet and organisation, and it is evolving more and more into a replacement, essential, and/or global independent national identity franchise. The UMMOA, in turn, has lead in 2009 to the Fifth World Community (5WC) variety of alternative citizenship, and to the Ryamecah and Hernici neoindigenous confederations and tribes in 2013, but it has also started the GEO country-continent (q-con in UMMOA English), which in April 2015 helped to start the non-profit Revival Village independent community, and "country particle"-building franchise.

Revival Village now needs donations and land, preferably somewhere in the Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer, Burlington, or Cumberland counties of New Jersey. Want to take some future credit for helping to unfold an actual new continent on planet Earth, and not just some other eccentric or impractical micronational identity? Help the Governor of the UMMOA, the Guru of GEO then to change the history of mankind as you know it (contact)!

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