Let's end global warming for good!

What some tiny home sets look like
We hear every day loud and persistent voices suggesting global warming is happening.

I agree that the weather has become very erratic lately, and seems to be getting worse [1].

There is an apparent global warming going on, and maybe it is not quite a (significant and scientific) trend yet, but what they are not saying is obvious to anyone with a gramme of humanity in his mind and heart: global warming is caused by the almost 200 ass holes who run the planet, and not for the benefit of 7 billion people, and all the natural animals and plants they love and take care of. You see, 200 ass holes can generate a lot of hot air!

Now I'm sure there are plenty of people who will disagree with me, and they do have their valid cultural, linguistic, even spiritual points. To have a fair chance at redistributing our missing freedoms and human rights, it is not apparently a bad idea to multiply these folks at least by 2 or 3, so they go from 200 ass holes, and become 400, perhaps even 600 ass holes.

However, when you really think scientifically about it, what problem is that going to solve?

Are 200 or 400 extra ass holes in power going to change the apparent, and only apparent global warming trend, or are they likely to only increase all that hot air?

I have a more modest, more doable proposal: let's give all the people in the video below a tiny home they, and the good-hearted people who wish to assist them can afford.

Then let's help them get decent jobs, which the newly minted and legal postal addresses can generate. You can't even get a job without a postal address!

Let's help 200 or 400 of these people at least, not 200 or 400 extra ass holes, because these people are not ass holes.

If they were ass holes, they would be in jail; or bad-mouthing the Toy Poodle media about things like global warming, or the lack of any real and applicable universal human rights standards; or asserting themselves before Doberman Pinscher police officers who are "racists"; or attacking bankster swine because they are "too greedy".

They would definitely not be homeless!

If you wish to help me with this modest proposal, then get in touch with me (contact).

Revival Village: an initiative for social change (video)

Revival Village becomes a non-profit organisation
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [2, 3]
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