No more a European; no more a North American; only a Geowner

Are you proud to be an inhabitant of this planet?

Of course you are. Nobody is ashamed of being an earthling, a terrestrial, a tellurian.

However, the situation may be different, especially for the wise, when they consider the inhabited region, the ecumene (from οικουμένη) they are from. Human beings have quite a sketchy history.

For example, are you proud to be a European, when you think about the European below?

You probably don't have a negative image of the baby above, and perhaps you may even think that the baby boy is a cute baby. However, the cute baby above, grew up to become the man below.

Even the picture above is not a truly ugly picture, per se, but you probably don't feel the adult above is so "cute". If you think about the European above, then you are probably not proud to be a European.

At this point, however, you might add that certainly not all Europeans were mean or crazy, right? The European below is certainly more admirable than the one above.

Yes, the adult above is certainly more admirable. However, as an old saying goes, "All that glitters is not gold". The man above is also said to have once observed, "We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English." You don't have to be Irish to find that statement haughty or condescending. And having read that statement, you probably have a more realistic view of the person above than the one historians, especially Western historians, try to transmit, since he was only better than the cute European baby, who grew up to be a real-life monster, as he thought that being "English" was all that one needed to achieve in life, which is, of course, utter nonsense.

There is a difference between being proud to be English on the one hand, and allowing that pride with one's heritage to obfuscate the real historical accomplishments of other peoples on the other. Moreover, I know a proud Englishman who probably doesn't think so highly of being a European. This is in part true because being English, today, has taken on second class status when compared with being British, and British is probably a less appealing term for someone who isn't Scottish, or Welsh; but this is in part true also because most English folks don't have a high opinion of those on the European mainland, the "continentals".

Politician Nigel Farage probably summed up that sentiment best when he stated, "We have a Conservative leader that believes in green taxes, that won't bring back grammar schools, that believes in continuing with total open-door migration from eastern Europe and refuses to give us a referendum on the EU". It is clear that Farage may not object so much against Germans, or the French, as he would against eastern Europeans, but you don't have to be a Eurosceptic to share similar sentiments.

Even a North American like myself can share similar sentiments, especially when you see how eastern Europeans now seem all ready to start World War III. They want us all to believe that Putin is the new Hitler, all while they wish to achieve continental mastery, just as Hitler wanted! Well, I'm sorry, but I don't feel European anymore, if that is what a European is supposed to feel, and I sympathise with Putin and other Russian speakers.

If Europe in the past has produced vile human beings as political leaders, the Europe of today, as portrayed on Rai Italia pro-EU adverts, would like to practically live rent-free, or without paying all its historical utility bills. It wishes to be treated like something not only it never was, but also wishes to do so without actually doing anything special, and for Europeans! Maybe Africans see Europe as a kind of economic Mecca, but Europeans themselves, by and large, feel less optimistic about any of the new European institutions. The European Union (EU) has yet to produce its own modern version of a liberating Magna Carta. Moreover, the Magna Carta was a "Great Charter" only for feudal barons, not for the folks who possessed little or nothing, not for the poor. The Magna Carta for them was, in fact, little more than a Modesta Carta, a "Modest Charter".

If it is hard to realistically feel pride in being European, and for many Europeans, it is even harder to feel positive about being North American which, by the way, is not the same as being Native American. The North American, by and large, is the "Hitler" of the Native Americans, and if he happens to be of Italian ancestry, then he is treated even worse than a Nazi, while folks with English or German surnames have less to feel offended about.

Like the unrealistically positive good feelings about Churchill, however, this treatment by Native Americans of people of Italian ancestry is not fully justifiable.

For starters, although Christopher Columbus was far from being a perfect human being, Oscan-speaking Italians were also themselves colonised early on, in the 4th century BC, by Latin-speaking Italians, better known today as Romans, the ancient European Nazis:

Native Americans fail to realise that colonialism had its start on the European continent, not too far from Rome, and long before it ever surfaced on the shores of the Americas.

Also, don't blame Columbus for the slave trade. The slave trade between Europe and Africa actually began about 50 years before Columbus came to the Americas, started by Portugal and Spain, with the Dutch joining in soon after; England was the last to join in this trade. Slaves were sent to west coast ports in Africa, and shipped to other countries, mostly to Spain and Portugal:

Moreover, the more comprensive historical details show that Africans also treated other Africans in a less than humane fashion (never mind all the purported pan-African sentiment some try to push even on the African continent), so what is the point in singling out Columbus, and Italians in particular for loathing?

Also this: why should the United States government want to live, like the European Union, rent-free, or without paying all its historical utility bills, while everybody else who has purchased land in North America has to pay their utility bills, and are even treated like they never paid the mortgage in full, on the house they own, even when they actually did? And if US Americans — not Italians — didn't kill Native Americans, then answer this question: who killed all those folks at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and were they any less moral basket cases than the Nazis?

Who do these "condom politicians" — to use slightly more elegant language, all while still being unflattering — think they are? Do they think they are the guy below?

On 1 January 42 BC, the Roman Senate posthumously recognised Julius Caesar as a divinity of the Roman state, or the Divus Iulius. Augustus — the golden man above, who was born Gaius Octavius, and whose maternal great-uncle, Julius Caesar himself, had named him his adopted son and heir in his will — was able to further his cause by emphasising the fact that he was Divi filius, or the "Son of God". Are the politicians of today the "Son of God", the son of the Divine Julius (Caesar)?

That is what they would want you to think! In truth, most not only are not the "Son of God", but their behaviour reveals that they may actually be "sons of immodest women"!

The human being who wrote this, is not the son of the Divine Julius (Caesar). All of my ancestors were not Roman, a very important trait any purported son of the Divine Julius should possess, and in fact I am entirely the descendant of people who as late as 14 AD, when Emperor Augustus died, did not speak or write in Latin, but spoke or wrote in Oscan, so I'm the biological descendant of Italic, but not Roman (or Latin) tribes. Unlike Latin, the language of the conquerers, today Oscan is an extinct language, except as my name Cesidio, which is actually a name of Oscan, not Latin origin.

The human being who wrote this, is not the son of Christopher Columbus, whom many European and North American Catholics have desired to rename "Saint Christopher Columbus". While several of my ancestors came to the Americas like Columbus, and even my parents came, unlike Columbus, I did the very opposite voyage, from the Americas to Europe, and several times. I was born in North America, not in Northern Italy.

No Head of State like Queen Isabella of Castile financed my trips across the Atlantic Ocean either, but my hard-working parents.

As Adi Da Samraj once stated, "It is humanity as a whole that is the Avatar in human form, not some specific human individual. Only the whole is the Divine Manifestation without exclusion. Therefore, the Guru is not the Avatar in that exclusive sense. Mankind is the Avatar."

Getting a little closer to the thought I'm trying to convey, Anton Chekhov has also written what Ron Paul has recently reiterated [1], that "The State is not God. It has not the right to take away what it cannot restore when it wants to." [2].

Kings and Queens always pretend to be God, or the "Son of God", and even the more republican-minded politicians of today act like they are the "Son of God", the son of the Divine Julius (Caesar) himself, but the fact that my rather humble immigrant parents were the ones who financed my twenty-plus crossings of the Atlantic Ocean over the years during my youth, and that was after supporting a New York state-based educational system through taxes that I never used, taxes which by themselves can give our children neither the linguistic flexibility I grew up with, nor the educational depth I received, shows that it isn't the King, or Queen, or President, or even Prime Minister who is God, because at best he or she can only be a great Guru; it is the family, even the humblest family that is closer to God, Avatar, or Messiah/Saviour, that which is the very foundation of society.

The human being who wrote this was raised and adopted by three fathers, not one, or even two. While very young, and in North America, I was raised by my physical and biological father, who was an immigrant and a master builder. In my youth, and in Italy, I was raised by my mental and spiritual father, a priest and a master theologian. In my latter years, and through the Internet, I was adopted by my social and emotional father, a Native American and a master medicine man.

So the human being who wrote this is not the "Son of God". He is superior to those who act like they are the "Son of God", because he is more like the "Son of the Holy Trinity".

The human being who wrote this is not the son of a phoney saint like Columbus, but the son of a real one! He was not adopted by a Roman emperor like Caesar, but by a Native American medicine man!

His first father built new buildings; he builds new worlds. His second father adopted saints and studied the prophecies; he canonises saints and fulfils the prophecies. His third father taught and healed the tribe; he teaches and heals the world.

The human being who wrote this, at least within certain fields, is a teacher, a master. Another word for that is guru.

The Buddha once predicted that the next Buddha, the next great teacher or enlightened one, would help bring a buddhakṣetra, a buddhafield into being, a pure land where people could create a happy and rewarding future for themselves, their families, and the communities of people that they love.

Was the buddhafield supposed to be a nation, and its founder a chief? No, nations are not utopias.

Was the buddhafield supposed to be a state, and its founder a governor? No, states are not utopias.

Was the buddhafield supposed to be a country, and its founder a president? No, countries are not utopias either.

The buddhafield to come can only be a continent, as there isn't, properly-speaking, a "president" of a continent. There can only be a guru of a continent, a great teacher or enlightened one who starts it, and I'm just the Guru of the buddhafield called Global Earth Oceans or GEO.

However, while it is important, without doubt, to have a guru, in order to start a continent, the guru is not the avatar, strictly-speaking, the manifestation of deity. I also believe I've shown evidence that the nation is not God either, nor is the state, nor is the country. It is mankind who is the avatar, it is mankind who is God.

Right now, mankind has no guru, only a bunch of divisive (and selfish, if not outright criminal) people who call themselves chiefs, governors, or presidents, and under the best of circumstances, they can represent only a part or division of humanity, not humanity as a whole. They are, at best, overvalued "sons of God", not the undervalued son of the Holy Trinity.

The Guru of the buddhafield called Global Earth Oceans or GEO, requests all men and women of goodwill to change the allegiance to the continent they live on, which has no real chiefs, governors, or presidents, as the guru of a continent cannot be its First Citizen, but its Last Citizen. Also, your children and grandchildren can never genuinely feel pride in being European, North American, or African, and perhaps even all the other continents are less than perfect, but they can feel genuine pride as indigenous GEOwners (Ge·own·ers)! You cannot start anything great or pure on flawed foundations, but you can start everything on good and wholesome foundations.

I have started Global Earth Oceans or GEO with the nation-state called the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA®), and GEO is not all the claims of the UMMOA, but only the private properties of three micronations. We need both more Geowners, as well as more GEO properties to make the continent grow, and we cannot do that without your help.

Global Earth Oceans or GEO is not about a single nation, state, or even country, and it is not about particular citizens either, but about actual free men and women, men and women with rights, or Gods in human form. Please contact the Guru of the buddhafield at the following email address to start discussions or actions:

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